• John Benevento

    Vice President Park Ops

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    John Benevento is a management expert with a passion for commercial fishing. After decades of service in the parking management industry in New Jersey and New York, he now aspires to launch a small charter boat company. John is meshing his professional attributes with his love of the water and fishing to forge his path into the future.


    John Benevento & charter boat fishing John Benevento has a long history with water and fishing. He spent much of his youth fishing in Wellington, Florida, where he grew up. Wellington is a coastal village in West Palm Beach, known for world-class equestrian events and charter boat fishing.


    John explains, “Wellington’s the kind of place where you can fish for an entire week and never use the same strategy. There’s something for everyone to enjoy - from landing a 200-pound pelagic tuna fish on the rough sea to pulling in equally spirited smallmouth bass in calm waters.”

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